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Wild Earth food for body, mind  & spirit

Retreats & ceremonies, private Chef

Providing wild, grounding, creative delicacies for retreats, ceremonies and private for a couple of years, my work is grounded in my spiritual anchor and natural life.
My intuition guides my creations as well as my wisdom in herbalism and the most recent researches in nutrition and gasto-intestinal diseases.

My alchemy is unique and nourishes whatever needs to be, with love, care and dedication. 

I accompanied many on their path towards balance and a true-authentic and nurturing connection to the food they eat, starting with myself.

If you're ready to create the life of your dreams, start with the food you eat, and all the other dimensions will unfold in a magnificent way...

Organic Fruits and Vegetables


Healing, pure & natural


Sugar free

Cow milk free

Vegetarian - Vegetal - Pescarian

Organic, local & seasonal

High quality ingredients

lentils salad and healthy buffet


I co-create balanced and creative menus for retreats, in order to feed, heal, comfort, ground, facilitate and care. For me, food works in alignment with the content of retreats and my kitchen is a safe space for healing and sharing. I work on my own energy to bring grounding and feeling of safety to whom needs. I advise and inform participants about nutrition and dietetics, wellness and spirituality when they cross my kitchen and ask for my support

Wachuma flower


When it comes to ceremonies, I adapt my alchemy with precision to reach simplicity in order to facilitate and activate the work of the space holders. I learnt from experience to cook for ceremonies, building up my own connection to Master Plants, drawing from their knowledge the tools and humility that have enabled me to accompany this work in the light over the past few years.

Steamed broccoli

Private Chef

My cuisine is a whole new experience. It is a co-creation, adapted to your needs and own unique energy. I advise and refine with the help of my wisdom and experience. I provide health and nutrition advice, cooking tips and share my perspective about the art of cooking and the spirituality carried within each bite of medicinal food I prepare for you

Ceremonial dinner


Workshops, sacred dinners, talks, collaborations...

Carrots harvest

Prayer to the Ground

Thank you Mother Earth for your delicacies, your wilderness, your care and unconditional love. Through you and thanks to you, I feed my body, my spirit, my energetic field

My voice sings the lullaby of your heart
My body is the vessel of your soil

When I dance, my feet caress your fluffy coat
And, as I lie on your damp grass, my body remembers...

It remembers to be wild
Set me free wild Earth



Algarve, Portugal 

+33 6 65 25 49 22 or +351 963 140 732

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Gratitude for reaching out

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Green Vegetables
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