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Life is my teacher

Universe is my guide

I use my intuition to create from my heart, guided by the wisdom of the Earth and the strenght of the Elements

My Spirit is directed by my own healing path to provide nourishment and health to those who trust my power

After more than 10 years of personal research about nutrition, health and plant based medicine, life guided me to share my alchemy, my energy, my wisdom


I believe in the convergence of wisdoms, a synthesis between the latest studies in nutrition and ancestral teachings focusing on healing and expanding our physical bodies to develop spiritually in harmony with the Earth

Nutrition & dietetics

I myself have suffered from many gastrointestinal disorders such as candidiasis, irritable bowel, endrocrine disorders, kidney and liver problems, chronic inflammation and acidity, etc. I embarked on a long and inspiring journey of healing and transmutation.

A holistic transformation guided me towards profound healing, during which I learned from the latest research on food and nutrition.

One of my greatest inspirations is French naturopath and bio-nutritionist Marion Kaplan.

Herbalism & Naturopathy

My lineage is that of the healers, as I was born 3 days after my mother became an osteopath, and I grew up with the idea that my body expresses more than I realize. I developed a passion for plants and natural remedies at an early age.

I graduaded in 2021 from the Herbalism practice course of Alchimia Healing Centre of Arts (accredited by CMA, the Complementary Medical Association) and followed the botanic initiation of Nés de la Terre from Séverine Perron.


My curiosity knows no boundaries and I have studied many wisdoms to ground my service:
from ayurveda to the macrobiotic diet, Taoist diet or more recently ketogenic, paleo or chrono-nutrition diets.

Long-live yoga student and student of life, my service to shamanic healing ceremonies also shape my spirituality and humility towards the wisdom of the Earth and the intelligence of our bodies.

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